Hand-finished Weekly Engagement Calendar


Hand-cut covers from vintage magazines. Potluck from the general themes on the list, but if you see a favorite, feel free to ask & you might get lucky!

2016 Covers

2016 Covers2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers

2016 Covers


library card pocket with Miracle Fish!

new weekly layout

new weekly layout has wider bullet journal-friendly squares and smooth, fountain pen-friendly heavy index stock

fold-out monthly calendars for monthly divider tabs

2016 at a glance

delightful early 20th century kiddie illustrations to color

fun monthly activities!

Older editions:

2015: The Year of the Dabbler

2012: The Year of the Grouch

2011: The Year of the Brain

2010: The Year of the Tightwad

2009: The Year of the Dreamer

2008: The Year of the Spitfire

2007: The Year of the Oddball

2005: The Year of the Smartass

2004: The Year of the Sucker

2003: The Year of the Brat


Produced by me, printed locally, and hand-finished (me again) with vintage magazine/book images and other little frills. (me=Nikol Lohr. Currently of The Harveyville Project/Yarn School/Literary Knits/Thrifty Knitter, etc., formerly of Disgruntled Housewife/Smile and Act Nice, etc.)

$25 $10! + shipping


Selection is limited, but there are a few broad categories. Let me know if there's something you want to avoid (children, meat, haunted dolls).

Cover Theme
Aversions (optional)

If you're checking out with a credit card, the charge will show up as HVPROJECT or HARVEYVILLEPROJECT on your bill.


  • One-of-a-kind hand-cut cover (choose your theme)
  • Annual Überlist (big fat year-long To Do list)
  • Sturdy recycled pressboard covers with metal file tab
  • NEW! Smooth index card paper (fountain-pen friendly!)
  • Fold-out monthly calendars on heavy colored stock form handy monthly dividers
  • New weekly layout for easier list making, doodling, etc.
  • Unusual and recycled materials & handmade charm
  • Monthly fun-filled activities and to-do lists
  • Standard US holidays (plus a few geeky extras)
  • Year-at-a-glance calendar
  • Library card pocket
  • Attached band to hold book shut or mark your place
  • Half-legal size (7 x 8.5" exclusive of spiral)
  • Spiral bound to lay flat or flip around
  • Charming pictures to color instead of working (this year's dandy public domain artwork comes from John Martin's Book(s).

If you're new to my datebooks, please note: If you are alarmed by bad words or sassmouths, this is not the datebook for you, honeypie. (I'm not saying it's like a Redd Foxx record, just a few prominent swears here and there.)

Shipping info: All shipping is via Priority Mail. Flat rate envelope will hold up to 3 books at $5.75 US, $22.75 Canada/Mexico, or a criminal $31.30 other international.

I can also do First Class International for a single book (more expensive than Priority with more than one book) to Canada for $11 or Europe for $17. Please include a note when you check out and I'll refund the difference. (I tried to set up paypal shipping to let you choose, but it defaults to the cheapest & I don't want to hold up anyone who wants it faster.) Kansas residents pay sales tax.